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Dixon's has been serving the local West Elgin community since 1995. Come in and check out our vast selection of livestock and pet products!

What to expect

Chick Days

Here at Dixon's, we offer you the opportunity to purchase young chickens, as well as young turkeys from March to September. It is a great venture for the whole family to get involved in. There is so much to learn and to benefit from, why not inquire today about how to get started!

In Store Products

In store you'll find all of your pet needs! From fish to cats and dogs etc., we've got you covered. 

Warehouse Products

We carry a broad range of horse feeds, as well as feed for cattle, pigs, chickens etc. Our knowledgable staff will help you decide on the healthiest and most cost effective options.

Chick Days at Dixon's

Chick Days

Meat Birds

White Rock Meat - White in colour. The fastest growing broiler and bred for meat only. White Rocks can be butchered at a range of weights but are typically grown for 8-12 weeks. With the correct care, White Rocks will achieve excellent results.

Bonnie's Heavy Red (broiler) - Considered a broiler type, this breed is slower growing than the White Rock, more resilient and less prone to leg and heart problems. Well suited to free ranging, Bonnie's Heavy Reds are predominantly red, with a slight degree of variance in feather colour and pattern. Finished weights are dependant upon the type of feed used, feeding program, length of growing period and over-all management of the birds. Allow 12 or more weeks to finish.


Laying hens

White Leghorn - This small white hen is capable of laying 90% or better with an excellent feed conversion. Their eggs are white and have an excellent eggshell quality.

I.S.A. Brown Hybrid - Our most popular layer breed. Brown in color, the pullets of this breed are excellent brown egg producers. Genetically bred for laying ability on a low feed consumption, this breed will lay approximately 92% during peak production, with good quality eggs of exceptional size. The hens will reach approximately 4 lbs with the rooster weighing approximately 5-6 lbs at maturity.

 ** The ISA Browns are available at 19 weeks of age - trimmed and fully vaccinated. **

Meat birds

Dual purpose breeds (eggs & meat)

Rhode Island Red x Columbian Rock - the female is red in colour, weighing approximately 4.5 lbs at maturity. The male is mostly white with black and brown wing and tail feathers. He will grow to approximately 6.5 lbs.

Black Sex Link - pullets are black with red under feathers, reaching a weight of 5.75 lbs. Males have a barred pattern of grey and white, similar to the Barred Rocks.

Plymouth Barred Rock - An outstanding dual purpose bird. The females and males are similar in colour with grey and white bars. Females will reach 4-5 lbs while the male will reach up to 6 lbs or better. These birds are very beautiful.



Muscovy Ducks - White in color. The drake is twice the size as the female, reaching 10-11 lbs at 17-18 weeks. This bird has more breast meat, smaller bones and has less fat than other ducks. These ducks eat less than Pekins and are excellent fly catchers.


Large white turkeys - These turkeys will achieve exceptional size. The hens will grow to a dressed weight of 16-20 lbs in 15-20 weeks. It is possible to have a 35-42 lb male with a few additional weeks of feed. Turkeys are available as non-sexed ONLY.

Delivery day tips:

Be sure to pick up your chicks promptly. For bio security reasons, we do not house them overnight.

Do not transport the chicks in your trunk or in the back of your truck.

Be sure to have a dry, clean area, free of drafts with a heat lamp set up and ready for their arrival.

If you have any other questions, please do not hesitate to ask us. 

In store you'll find..

It's for the birds..

We have a wide selection of bird seeds. Our selection ranges from mixed bird seeds, black oil sunflower, nyjer seed, safflower, to peanuts and flax. Available in bulk as well as smaller sizes, we've got all that you need to keep your feathered friends happy! You'll also find bird cages, along with feeders and a variety of items for your pet birds as well.

Cats and dogs

We have a variety of high quality dog and cat food for you to choose from. From Norman's Naturals, a grain free dog food option to foods catering to large breed, as well as toy breeds. Of course we've got your squeaky toys covered, along with dog beds, leashes and collars. We carry Northern Biscuits, an Ontario made dog treat as well.

For those of you who prefer the feline persuasion, we've got everything you need, from litter to dry and wet cat foods. Don't forget the cat treats and toys! Our selection of dog and cat supplies is ever changing and we try to stay current as well as keeping our prices competitive.

Little critters

Let's not forget our smaller companions, from fish to hamsters, you can count on Dixons to keep a variety of small pet maintenance supplies available to you. From fish tanks and filters, to hamster feed and shavings, we ensure that even your smallest of pets is taken care of.

Our warehouse

Horse feed

There are 3 horse feed companies for your consideration. Tribute, Masterfeeds and Purina. We also carry a regular supply of shavings, beet pulp, stable boy and hay cubes. We can't forget salt and mineral blocks, we have everything you need to keep your equine friend happy and healthy!

Cattle and sheep and pigs, oh my!

Dixon's Feed Services provides a variety of complete feeds and supplements for beef/dairy/veal/goats/lambs/pigs. We have Grober milk replacers, colostrum and medication as well as gates & livestock feeders.

It's a chicken & egg situation

We carry feed for all poultry including: GMO free feeds, all vegetable protein feeds and a full line of game bird feed. We've got your waterers and feeders, heat lamps and more. 

We haven't forgotten about your grains - we stock whole corn, cracked corn, scratch grain, oats and flax!

Have we missed anything?

If you don't see something that you need, ask us! We'll do our best to get what you need, at a price you can afford. Our hope is to leave every customer with a reason to shop local and provide you with a level of service that will keep you coming back over the years.


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We would love to hear from you if you have any questions or inquires about any of our products. 

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